Stand out and build your brand

Building a strong personal brand might be the most important thing you can do for your career and business. Learn the power formula to maximize LinkedIn and make your brand stand out to attract exciting new business and career possibilities!

In this speach Charlotte will teach you the powersteps you need to create a powerful brand on LinkedIn – a brand that sets you apart from the competition,  attracts new opportunities and makes you money.  

increase your revenue on linkedin

Learn how to use LinkedIn to help accomplish your sales, branding, lead-gen, and recruiting goals. Join LinkedIn-expert Charlotte Hågård as she explores LinkedIn's many professional uses.

She will show how to create a great company page that attracts followers, develop content that engages your target audience, and expand your visibility and engagement even further using the LinkedIn platform.
Start learning how to  use social selling to grow your company and expand your visibility online with Linkedin - a great business-promotion tool.