What we do

Social Branding Group has focus on the LinkedIn-platform and assist companies and individuals to create a unique LinkedIn presence that will fast track their success and revenue. 

We offer Corporate solutions to help companies leverage LinkedIn for business results and success.

We help People achieve their purpose with LinkedIn – whether that be related to a career, social or business enterprise. 

We assist Entrepreneurs to build their brand and business and make money using LinkedIn.

We work with Professional Associations and Unions who want to offer their members LinkedIn-services to boost their jobsearch and career development. We have special services for members who are entrepreneurs and managers.

where we come from

We are experts in Social Branding and help create business and individual success using LinkedIn as powerful tool. We are all about connecting people with the right opportunities and the LinkedInplatform is where we help companies create better business success and individuals get better careers!

We are an International team of experienced business, sales, financial and career professionals who have joined together to move you and the world forward!
Please join our movement and become a part of our successful Social Branding Group!

who we are – the founders

charlotte hågård, founder & CEO

Charlotte is an experienced and passionate career, personal branding & LinkedIn expert, Executive & Business coach, author & public speaker (150 000+ people) since 25 years. Charlotte has guided 10 000´s of people to build their personal brand and find an inspiring and fulfilling worklife. 1992 she became an entrepreneur and pioneered the career industry in Sweden with her company New Start.

Johan hågård, Sales director

Johan has extensive managementexperience , both from the private and the public sector. He has worked as a Senior Sales Executive for large accounts at Microsoft Sweden, with over 20 years of experience in sales and sales leadership.


Ola Wahlquist, chairman

Ola is a former Audit Partner at Ernst & Young, mainly working with medium size and big listed companies. Risk managment responsible for the Assurance practice in Sweden for ten years.

gunnel wahlquist,  training director

Gunnel is a certified Career Coach and has over 30 years of experience working as a Manager, Project Manager, Consultant and self-employed in the Telecom and IT industry.

She has extensive experience as a Career and Executive coach and has been a Training manager and Workshop leader for management teams and professionals for many years.


Social Branding Group USA

Suzanne Hinton,  sales director

Suzanne has a proven history of working successfully in the medical laboratory industry. She is skilled in Sales, Medical Devices, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Management, and Capital Equipment. Strong sales professional with experience working with
IDNs and Government accounts.


Anna Hinton, social marketing

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